PodGoblin Fort Douglas Ghost Investigation!!

Pod Goblin Ft. Douglas Investigation

Radio Ronin october 23rd


The Goblins talk about the very special upcoming Halloween shows!!! Kenny and Brendan review the new movie "Quija", who's the biggest WUSS in a spook alley?? And the gang has a very serious discussion about the dangers of ghost hunting....

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Gregg’s Guide to New Music: Episode 18, A Very Special Halloween Episode

Gregg is joined by special guests DJ Jimmy Chunga, DJ Spinari, Brad Davis and Kennedy. Chunga want’s a Sub Pop Hoodie, Gregg and Chunga want to see Harry Connick Jr. on a punk rock tour, and Brad does the best impression of an old timey organ grinder. Featuring great music from Midnight Syndicate, Horrorpops, Attaboy Skip, MC Lars, The Misfits, Big D & the Kids Table, AFI, and Avatar.

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